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A Day At The Races For Two
The Euro 4 Car Challenge

About Well Wicked Stuff Gift Days & Experiences

Thank you for your interest in Well Wicked and in our events / gift experience portfolio.

We genuinely believe we can make a real difference by providing high quality events and gift experiences supported by a high level of integrity through a code of conduct that the market will truly value. The company is family run and can offer almost 'any' event that a client might wish, provided it is available in the market. We cater not only for the able-bodied customers but also specialise in providing specific events for disabled customers and children as well.

Our experience has led us to believe that clients want not only a wide choice of experiences but a service that ensures that the monies they entrust to us are secure and uncompromised when their vouchers or experiences are due for redemption. Clients expect to speak to someone who is knowledgeable about the events and about any restrictions or conditions that apply. They also expect to deal with people who are genuinely interested in providing them with a 'product' that will fit their needs and with which their chosen recipient will really enjoy! We believe that our customers want to deal with someone who offers them a personalised, friendly and efficient service - something that the bigger companies do not always offer!

We are now offering personalised gift vouchers, you can put your personal message in the other information box at checkout and we will ensure your message goes onto the voucher. All voucher packs are sent out by first class post. We are also now offering "e-vouchers" - we will email all the details over to your preferred email address along with any personal message and you can present this to the recipient until the "real" voucher arrives a few days later. This is ideal for those last minute gifts! Just let us know when you order that you wish to use this service. Please order before 1pm and we will endeavor to email this over on the same day. We also offer a special delivery option which is guaranteed to arrive the next day for a cost of £8.50

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